The Mom Card

One thing that I have found especially useful as a mom, is a card that has all my info on it to give to other moms. I've met many moms at playgroup and MOPS and exchanged info on a scrap piece of paper. It's so much easier to just pull a card out of my purse or diaper bag, now only if all moms would do that. I've even added my kids names and pictures so any new moms I meet can remember their names too, or remember mine...as opposed to Nathan and Ryan's mom, or that one mom who has the two little boys with all the hair.

Plus, mom cards are just cute. My mom cards come in a bunch of different styles. Plus they are totally customizable, I have tons of different fonts to choose from and the colors are really endless. I print them at a professional facility, not on a home printer, no perforated edges. The cards are very sturdy and both sides have an aqueous coating so even spilled apple juice can't ruin your darling little cards. Speaking of both sides, the back is a perfect place to write a date and time for your next play date, or any allergies you kids may have to leave with your sitter.

Well, here, look for yourself...

Check out the http://www.thestationeryboutique.com/ for more designs!

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