Excitement / Anticipation

So, I finally have a moment to sit down and write about how ecstatic I've been all day. Two reasons... First and foremost, my husband is coming home tomorrow after a six month deployment. Second, I actually have readers!

Tomorrow is a huge day for me and my boys. It has been a long six months to say the very least. I vaguely remember coming home on that first day and wondering around the house thinking, now what? In such a short amount of time (not really, six months is practically a lifetime - well it kinda is for my 15 month old) so much has happened. Celebrations, holidays, stomach bugs, births, milestones, a new president, and so much more, all while he is over there. We went to Maui for a wedding, Ryan turned one, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, Nathan FINALLY pooped on the potty, Ryan FINALLY got a tooth, I FINALLY sold something on Etsy. And now, the time has come to FINALLY pick him up at the airport tomorrow and I have a stomach full of butterflies. I feel like I'm getting married all over again. Oh, I look forward to being a foursome again!

And, everytime I get a new comment on here I get all giddy. I truly cherish each of your comments, and here and there through out the day I have been checking out each of your blogs. I hope to get to know you all more. I did extend the giveaway until the 1st so I'll be announcing the winner on the 2nd. Thank you all for giving my little blog a chance. It is much appreciated!



OK, so I was about to go to bed, just checking the last emails of the day and I got a sudden burst of new energy. I read an email that was full of amazing advice for a blogging/selling newbie like me. Aminta has taken a liking to my work and offered me some great tips.

So, per her advice, I will extend Giveaway #1 until Sunday, March 1st. My goal is to earn some new readers/buyers/friends/business contacts. This whole experience of starting a home business is thrilling, so much has happened since the first of the year. I love it, it has kept me busy. Not that my boys don't keep me busy enough already, but its a new kind of busy.

I am very blessed to have come across so many Etsians who are willing to share what they know (do you see why I L.O.V.E. this site?). It has always been my practice to "teach what you know" and this is exactly why.


Mini Milestone / Giveaway #1

Today, my "Baby Shower Birdies" invitation has been viewed 100 times on Etsy. To me, this is a milestone in the Etsy world. And, I've had more inquiries on this item than any other item in my Etsy shop. To answer a few of the questions... Yes, I can do it in any color you'd like, i.e. blue for boys, yellow/purple for neutral. Yes, there are coordinating Thank You Note Cards. Yes, there is a discount for ordering both the invitations and thank you cards together.

I made these for my sister, Sarah. She is having my baby niece, Giana, in a matter of weeks. Thank you Giana for inspiring me to make these! I love you already.

Baby Shower Birdies Invitation $1.75 each

On a new note... I honestly don't know how many people are actually reading this. So I'm going to try something. Leave a comment by February 26th and you'll be entered to win a little prize. I will number the comments, then pick a number at random. The winner will be revealed on the 27th. Here's what you're playing for...

What a lovely way to say hello or thank you. These little note cards are a great way to thank a customer or leave a little note in your loved ones lunch. A set of 10 envelopes are hand made with patterned paper, 4 x 4 in size. Two prints of each pattern. Also comes with 10 flat 4 x 4 cards in either white or brown kraft. Note cards are hand stamped with your initials, name, or a greeting, like thanks or hello. Each letter is individually stamped so each card may vary slightly. Cards can also be left blank.
C'mon, don't be shy! Leave a comment, a nice one please.


Latest Sale

Today's Etsy sale...

Green Bloom Business Cards, set of 50 $25.00
Did I mention that I am really loving Etsy? It's really easy to use, it gets a lot of attention, and I love that I can see how many views each item has had. That really helps out on the promotion and advertising end of things.

And, on another note... my new friend and business contact, Jaimee, has reciprocated the offer to sell some of my items on her new website. I will post more updates about that soon. Thanks again Jaimee!


New Addition

So, last week I received an email from a fellow stationaire (I think I just made up a new word) asking if I'd be interested in selling her work on my website. One look at Jaimee's darling stationery and I was sold. I thought, how could I not add such beautiful inventory to my shop. So today I added Modern Classics: Kids to The Stationery Boutique. Jaimee's work includes custom stationery featuring alphabet blocks (my favorite), a bassinet, an elephant, and umbrella to name a few. This collection also includes bookplates and invitations with designs that are almost storybook-like.

I am very excited about this and am thrilled to be working with a fellow mommy/stationery girl! Please take a look at The Stationery Boutique's new addition.
Modern Classics: Kids Alphabet Blocks Custom Stationery


Etsy Update

It's been a couple weeks since I listed my first item on Etsy.com. I really like this website because I am able to track how many times an item is viewed, people can call my items or my shop a "favorite". I love to see who "hearts" my stuff! I am able to add a "mini Etsy" to my blog (see, over there to the right), my Facebook page, and my Myspace page where you can actually make a purchase. So far I love it. Plus I've had a lot of great feedback from fellow Etsian's.

And today I made my first sale (yes, those are my boys). YAY! More updates later...

Mini Valentine's Day Photo Card


New Baby Shower Designs

I've been working on a couple new designs for baby showers. They could actually be used for bridal showers, birth announcements, save the dates, or really anything.


Photography Wanted

You know what I would love? Some really great photography of babies and kids, weddings and couples, families, etc... I mean I love my kids, and they are adorable, but I'd really love to use photos other than theirs in my photo cards. If anybody knows of any great photographers would donate some of their images to me that'd be wonderful. I would be happy to add a link to my website to credit their work. Know anyone??


The Mom Card

One thing that I have found especially useful as a mom, is a card that has all my info on it to give to other moms. I've met many moms at playgroup and MOPS and exchanged info on a scrap piece of paper. It's so much easier to just pull a card out of my purse or diaper bag, now only if all moms would do that. I've even added my kids names and pictures so any new moms I meet can remember their names too, or remember mine...as opposed to Nathan and Ryan's mom, or that one mom who has the two little boys with all the hair.

Plus, mom cards are just cute. My mom cards come in a bunch of different styles. Plus they are totally customizable, I have tons of different fonts to choose from and the colors are really endless. I print them at a professional facility, not on a home printer, no perforated edges. The cards are very sturdy and both sides have an aqueous coating so even spilled apple juice can't ruin your darling little cards. Speaking of both sides, the back is a perfect place to write a date and time for your next play date, or any allergies you kids may have to leave with your sitter.

Well, here, look for yourself...

Check out the http://www.thestationeryboutique.com/ for more designs!