Stationery or Stationary??

Seems there is quite a bit of uncertainty regarding how to spell one of the most basic terms on my site, stationery…or is it stationary? I’ve done some research, because, I must admit, I was a little clueless in the early stages of my business. In fact, my original website was www.thestationaryboutique.com (which will still take you to www.thestationeryboutique.com if you type it in). Evidence suggests that when people are searching for printed paper products online such as birthday party invitations, birth announcements, holiday cards, or any personalized stationery they are frequently using “stationary” as part of their search term. Technically, the true meaning of "stationary" is to stand still or to not move. It says so in any dictionary, go ahead, check. I'll wait...

This obviously creates quite an issue for us stationery folk because we’re in the camp that believes we sell stationEry (now that I have been educated). However, many use the “alternate” spelling to find cards. Is there a way to alert the entire English speaking population of the correct spelling of the word that describes paper goods?


The Stationery Boutique Etsy Shop

I am expanding The Stationery Boutique to Etsy.com where you can buy and sell all things handmade and vintage. I opened my Etsy account a few months back but this week I've been busy planning and setting up shop there. Being on Etsy is just another way to share my stationery and hopefully gain new customers.

I'll be sure to update the progress on The Stationery Boutique Etsy Shop!


New Year, New Look

I have decided to make some changes to The Stationery Boutique website. I went with a fresh, colorful design (from the girls at Mod Melon) to start off the new year. More changes to the business...I will be using more recycled materials for most of my products as well as packaging materials.

I look forward to an exciting and productive year!


Welcome to The Stationery Boutique's Blog!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Jen, thirty-something, wife and mother of two. I've always had a minor obsession with paper products. I decided to start a blog to go along with my website to showcase new designs and get feedback from you guys.

I am working (as much as I possibly can with two very active boys) on making The Stationery Boutique THE place to find darling invitations, announcements, personal stationery, photo cards and holiday cards. The site is currently undergoing a makeover--new year, new look!

So please stay tuned and check back often...