Giveaway #2

OK, here we go with Giveaway #2!

Black Bloom Note Cards
+ Set of 8
+ 3.5 x 5 in size (A4)
+ Accompanied by 100% brown kraft envelopes
+ Packaged in a brown kraft box with clear slip cover
+ Tied with black ribbon

Just leave a comment on this post to enter. I will pick a winner on March 31st and announce the winner here on April 1st, don't worry no April Fool's! Tell your friends. Remember to check back to see if you've won!

Making Progress / Weekday Fun

For the past week I have been stamping away, and re-stamping for that matter. I've been diligently working on The Wedding Invites but I'm ready to throw that stamp out the window. I've used probably twice as much paper as I need because either the stamp doesn't land where I want it to (I guess my fault) or it smears (maybe my fault too) or it doesn't stamp all the way (OK, all my fault, but still). I'm about 3/4 of the way done. It's coming along nicely, though. I'm glad I gave myself plenty of time to get these done. Here's a little glimpse of what the aforementioned stamp has been up to...

In between all the stamping we've been taking advantage of Mike's time off. It was actually warm enough to go to the beach a couple of days ago. It was about 80 degrees, but the water was fuh-reezing, the kids didn't care. Drenched from head to toe, they had a blast.

And we did a little bowing, too. Nathan's getting pretty good. We almost don't need the bumpers anymore (but without them, I don't think I'd ever break 100). Then there's Ryan, kids got determination...

(BTW, this is taking FOREVER to upload.)

(Seriously? I almost want to click Cancel, but Ryan is just too cute. C'mon!)


Staying Busy

Ah, back to reality. Mike has been home for a little over two weeks now, and still doesn't have to go back to work for a couple more weeks. We spent the last week taking the kids to Sea World AND Disneyland and spending time with family in between. The boys loved Sea World. They've both been there before, but now Nathan is old enough to name all the sharks and Ryan just walks around with his little pointer finger outstretched, total awe on his little face.

I brought the laptop with me with the intention to update the blog every once in a while, but, ya, that never happened. I also brought it if for some off chance I would get an Etsy order. Guess what? I got 5! Of course it would have to happen when I am away from home, not that I'm complaining. Luckily, they all understood that I wouldn't be able to ship anything until I got back. So, needless to say, I've been busy since we got back on Saturday. One of the orders includes a custom wedding suite. A little nervous cause it's my first wedding, but it's coming along very nicely. The bride liked the simplicity of this, so we created invitations and RSVP's along the same lines. I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity. And thank goodness for the other projects, too!

It's nice to be home and get back into our normal routine. I think one of the things I missed most when Mike was deployed was having dinner together as a family. Now that he's home I sit at the table with my family and think about how blessed I am to have them. I look around the table at each of their faces and feel so content and warm. Love those boys!

On another note, I am going to be hosting another giveaway within the next week or so. Stay tuned and tell your friends!


Playing Catch Up / New Stuff

It's been a whole week since Mike came back from deployment. It is sooo nice to have him home. I definitely sleep better knowing he is here. My boys are ecstatic. It's like he never left. We thought for sure that Ryan would be a little hesitant at first since he was only 9 months when Mike left. Quite the contrary! When we picked up Mike from the airport he practically took a flying leap out of my arms to get to his daddy. And Nathan just couldn't stop staring at Mike, total admiration.

It's been a week of catch up, rest, recovery, adjustment, laundry, etc... Now we are planning on going on a family vacation next week. Very excited about that.

Other updates... Here are a couple of new listings on Etsy:

Vintage Floral Mini Envelopes with Flat Note Cards, set of 10, $7.00

Black and Pink Flower Note Cards with Lined Envelopes, set of 4, $5.00

Have a great weekend everyone!


And the winner is...

Amanda ( of "Blessings All Mine")! Thank you so much to everyone for leaving such wonderful comments on my little section of the blogging universe. I can't wait to do this again. For now, I plan on doing another giveaway each month. I used Random.org to randomly pick a number from the comments left on the Giveaway #1 blog.

Amanda, please contact me to let me know where you would like your envelopes sent. Congratulations and thanks again!


Modern Classics: Kids Update

Remember my new friend Jaimee of Modern Classics: Kids? I started featuring her work on my website a couple of weeks ago. Now she has an adorable online shop of her own, and she has been so sweet to feature some of my work. Go see what Jaimee has in store! Thank you again Jaimee!

Today is the last day to leave a comment for Giveaway #1. I'm so excited to see who the winner is. I will announce who won tomorrow.

I'm going to go back to spending time with my reunited little family!