Mini Milestone / Giveaway #1

Today, my "Baby Shower Birdies" invitation has been viewed 100 times on Etsy. To me, this is a milestone in the Etsy world. And, I've had more inquiries on this item than any other item in my Etsy shop. To answer a few of the questions... Yes, I can do it in any color you'd like, i.e. blue for boys, yellow/purple for neutral. Yes, there are coordinating Thank You Note Cards. Yes, there is a discount for ordering both the invitations and thank you cards together.

I made these for my sister, Sarah. She is having my baby niece, Giana, in a matter of weeks. Thank you Giana for inspiring me to make these! I love you already.

Baby Shower Birdies Invitation $1.75 each

On a new note... I honestly don't know how many people are actually reading this. So I'm going to try something. Leave a comment by February 26th and you'll be entered to win a little prize. I will number the comments, then pick a number at random. The winner will be revealed on the 27th. Here's what you're playing for...

What a lovely way to say hello or thank you. These little note cards are a great way to thank a customer or leave a little note in your loved ones lunch. A set of 10 envelopes are hand made with patterned paper, 4 x 4 in size. Two prints of each pattern. Also comes with 10 flat 4 x 4 cards in either white or brown kraft. Note cards are hand stamped with your initials, name, or a greeting, like thanks or hello. Each letter is individually stamped so each card may vary slightly. Cards can also be left blank.
C'mon, don't be shy! Leave a comment, a nice one please.


  1. Things are really coming along! 100 views so soon...that's a good sign of things to come. Congrats. (and please don't feel you need to include me in your Giveaway entries...you've already helped me out enough already!) My site should be up any minute now - unforutnately I registered for my template on a Saturday before a Holiday so, it may take a bit longer. UGH!

  2. I truly love your work! I plan on adding you to my blog roll.... so maybe you will get a few more hits on here.
    A suggestion... maybe extend the date a bit farther and I will go and write about your blog. :)
    Also, people love hearing a bit more about yourself. So even writing about your day may get more people to visit. Like Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler.
    Just suggestions. :)
    Off to blog about your awesome giveaway!
    And in the next month or two I will start "The Bag Fancy" shop on etsy...... any guess as to what I will be sellin on there? lol
    So nice to meet you and I look forward to recieving my order.

  3. Hi Jen.
    So Aminta was true to her word and left me a comment to come and check your blog out. I'm so glad I did. You have the most loveliest eye for design and your stationary is scrumptious (just added you as an Etsy favourite!). I love these little note cards - an awesome idea and also the dandelion note cards in your shop are a fav.
    congrats on your Etsy sale(s), I'm sure you will make many more!
    - katie

    ps. pop on by and say hi:

  4. So nice to hear from Aminta about your site! I love the colors, the themes, the designs. You will do well, and I'm glad to hear about your contest. Since the 27th is my b'day, I'm fairly certain I'll win (ha, ha). Come by and visit my own private Idaho sometime at:

  5. How lovely! I'm inspired to try making some envelopes!

  6. Oooh...what yummy stuff you have (and I've just looked at your blog!) I need to check out your etsy shop! Do you do birth announcements as well? I'm off to check your site...congrats on the 100! (By the way...I'm here via Aminta.)

  7. you stuff is GORGEOUS! so glad that aminta directed me this way. i'm most definitely going to mark you as one of my favorite etsy shops...and be sure to keep popping back by your little blog here!

  8. i'm afraid i'm very late but i really love the patterned envelopes. i know i told you that i'd like to order from you so here's my first order.
    i'd like the flat cards please in brown with a greeting: hello
    hope you find a good sushi place there where you are! say hello to michael and my dj says hi to your boys!
    let me know how much and i'll send you the $!
    thanx much,