OK, so I was about to go to bed, just checking the last emails of the day and I got a sudden burst of new energy. I read an email that was full of amazing advice for a blogging/selling newbie like me. Aminta has taken a liking to my work and offered me some great tips.

So, per her advice, I will extend Giveaway #1 until Sunday, March 1st. My goal is to earn some new readers/buyers/friends/business contacts. This whole experience of starting a home business is thrilling, so much has happened since the first of the year. I love it, it has kept me busy. Not that my boys don't keep me busy enough already, but its a new kind of busy.

I am very blessed to have come across so many Etsians who are willing to share what they know (do you see why I L.O.V.E. this site?). It has always been my practice to "teach what you know" and this is exactly why.


  1. HE-HE! Glad I could be of help! ;) Doubt I was helpful, but I am a bit nosy. lol
    I Adore your shower invitations. The birdies are just to cute.
    I am glad to have found you.
    Oh! Amd another way to get more "friends" on blogger and such is to go and read an dcomment on others blogs. That has really helped.:)

  2. Coming by via Aminta, and so glad I did, your work is so beatiful! I hope you go beyond successful on your new adventures with Etsy. I too have opened a little spot up there, but have yet to put any work on!! Procrastination!!! But I love the stationary bits, they are gorgeous!!
    So enjoyed my visit, and will definitely be back for more!!
    Lots of love and blessings to you!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous work Jen...your whole shop is just amazing! I am going to predict that you have such great things and many, many sales ahead of you! So glad Minta was sweet enough to give us the heads up on your fabulous work and blog.

    Wishing you all the best!

  4. Back at 'cha...we're all happy to have met you too :)
    So happy to see the sales coming in to The Stationery Boutique. Keep up the great work!