New Printer

I am so excited to say that I finally got a new printer, a good one, too. I've had my on the Epson Stylus 1400 for a while now. I really wanted to save up money from my Etsy sales so I wouldn't have to dip into our savings account. So I knew I would have to save at least $300.00. Last weekend my family and I we're actually out shopping for some clothes for the boys when I we came across an Office Max. I thought maybe I'd just see how much it was at this store. To my surprise it was way less that I'd seen it anywhere else. It was on sale for $179.00! I knew I couldn't pass this one up. So, it came home with us.

Some of the things that I love about the Epson Stylus 1400:

1. Awesome print/color quality.

2. It prints thicker sheets of paper. Which means I can print business/calling cards from home now. Which means I can make them more affordable for my customers.

3. It's a wide format printer, which means I can print huge prints of my boys.

4. It's fast.

5. It's quiet.

I can't seem to stop finding things to print!



I feel like I've been neglecting my little blog. I've actually been super busy with filling orders. That's a good thing! It seems like just when I get the last order packaged and shipped, I come home and I have another email from Etsy! I am so grateful and thank God every day for giving me this opportunity. Who ever would have thought that I would be able to do what I love. From home. AND be with my kids all day. I am truly blessed.

Speaking of being blessed... I had THE MOST amazing Mother's Day yesterday. I did not lift a finger all day. My boys were angels. My husband cooked the most delicious dinner EVER. Well, look...

I have been keeping pretty busy trying to create some new designs, too. Here are some of my favorites...

And finally, in other news... My friend Jaimee is having a giveaway at a blog called Stuff Under Twenty. I have always been a big fan of her photography and I have my fingers crossed. I would LOVE to win her Zinnia print. I have been eyeing it!

So, that's it for now. Back to work!


Peony Note Card Winner

Wow! I am soooo happy with the participation of this months giveaway!! Thank you to all of you who participated. And thank you to those who Tweeted and Blogged, too.

I wish I could give the note cards to all of you, really I do. But the winner of this months giveaway is...

LulaBoutique, please email me (jennifer [at] thestationeryboutique [dot] com) with your mailing info. Also, let me know what you'd like the front of your cards to read!

You know what? I'm going to offer a little something to everyone who participated. I'm just so appreciative! Until the end of the week (05.08.09) I am going to offer 10% off your purchase at both my Etsy and Main shop if you participated in this months giveaway. Just enter the code PEONY10 at checkout (or message to seller on Etsy).

Thank you everyone!!