Excitement / Anticipation

So, I finally have a moment to sit down and write about how ecstatic I've been all day. Two reasons... First and foremost, my husband is coming home tomorrow after a six month deployment. Second, I actually have readers!

Tomorrow is a huge day for me and my boys. It has been a long six months to say the very least. I vaguely remember coming home on that first day and wondering around the house thinking, now what? In such a short amount of time (not really, six months is practically a lifetime - well it kinda is for my 15 month old) so much has happened. Celebrations, holidays, stomach bugs, births, milestones, a new president, and so much more, all while he is over there. We went to Maui for a wedding, Ryan turned one, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, Nathan FINALLY pooped on the potty, Ryan FINALLY got a tooth, I FINALLY sold something on Etsy. And now, the time has come to FINALLY pick him up at the airport tomorrow and I have a stomach full of butterflies. I feel like I'm getting married all over again. Oh, I look forward to being a foursome again!

And, everytime I get a new comment on here I get all giddy. I truly cherish each of your comments, and here and there through out the day I have been checking out each of your blogs. I hope to get to know you all more. I did extend the giveaway until the 1st so I'll be announcing the winner on the 2nd. Thank you all for giving my little blog a chance. It is much appreciated!


  1. Oh! Jen, I don not even know you, but I got all teary-eyed when seeing this post. How hard. I cannot even imagine all of the emotions you have felt in the past six months. And now...... the grand finale! The LAST bout of emotions for a while. But boy, I bit these emotions are quite the doozy! Feel free to feel Jen, emotions is an amzing way of relieving pressure..... this way our heads don't build up steam and explode! ;)
    I am sooo super excited for you. You get to SEE HIM, and touch him, and be his again! To see your babies with their daddy is so treasured.
    Praying for a wonderful day.... life for that matter!
    P.S. Tahnk you so much for sharing your heart with us! It has been very touching.

  2. Hi Jen! Am so glad to meet you, find your darling blog, and your awesome stationery! I am so excited for your family to be reunited this week!! What a huge blessing. Congrats and take care!

  3. Thank you ladies, that means a lot! He is home safe and sound. I am truly blessed.

  4. How wonderful!
    My brother was deployed and finally returned safe & sound after a year in Iraq. I can still remember the moment we spotted him in the crowd. The joy and peace you feel is overwhelming. I can't even begin to imagine what it's been like for you & your boys to be without your HUSBAND and their DADDY. I'm so happy and excited for you all to be together again.