Playing Catch Up / New Stuff

It's been a whole week since Mike came back from deployment. It is sooo nice to have him home. I definitely sleep better knowing he is here. My boys are ecstatic. It's like he never left. We thought for sure that Ryan would be a little hesitant at first since he was only 9 months when Mike left. Quite the contrary! When we picked up Mike from the airport he practically took a flying leap out of my arms to get to his daddy. And Nathan just couldn't stop staring at Mike, total admiration.

It's been a week of catch up, rest, recovery, adjustment, laundry, etc... Now we are planning on going on a family vacation next week. Very excited about that.

Other updates... Here are a couple of new listings on Etsy:

Vintage Floral Mini Envelopes with Flat Note Cards, set of 10, $7.00

Black and Pink Flower Note Cards with Lined Envelopes, set of 4, $5.00

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thermal Tickets

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  2. I adore your new packet! These are darling!
    So, Jenn, how was your vacation? Recovering? LOADS and LOADS of laundry?

  3. My vacation was fabulous, thanks Aminta. And yes, laundry for days!

  4. I have only just found your site and I adore your products. I do have a site of my own
    http://www.thank-you-note-examples-wording-ideas.com so especially love the dandelion thank you cards. Alas I am so far away in Germany; perhaps there is a chance of me selling your items on my site as an affiliate? I know my German friends would adore your stuff as I do.

    I know I am going to have to order some soon!
    The calling cards are so cute; we don't have those here. My two sons would love to hand them out.

    Have a lovey day and enjoy your time with your family.


  5. Okay, so the first comment is a tad odd but the last one is awesome...YOU COULD GO INTERNATIONAL!

    I'm so happy your family is back to being a family :) Enjoy your vacation!!!