Staying Busy

Ah, back to reality. Mike has been home for a little over two weeks now, and still doesn't have to go back to work for a couple more weeks. We spent the last week taking the kids to Sea World AND Disneyland and spending time with family in between. The boys loved Sea World. They've both been there before, but now Nathan is old enough to name all the sharks and Ryan just walks around with his little pointer finger outstretched, total awe on his little face.

I brought the laptop with me with the intention to update the blog every once in a while, but, ya, that never happened. I also brought it if for some off chance I would get an Etsy order. Guess what? I got 5! Of course it would have to happen when I am away from home, not that I'm complaining. Luckily, they all understood that I wouldn't be able to ship anything until I got back. So, needless to say, I've been busy since we got back on Saturday. One of the orders includes a custom wedding suite. A little nervous cause it's my first wedding, but it's coming along very nicely. The bride liked the simplicity of this, so we created invitations and RSVP's along the same lines. I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity. And thank goodness for the other projects, too!

It's nice to be home and get back into our normal routine. I think one of the things I missed most when Mike was deployed was having dinner together as a family. Now that he's home I sit at the table with my family and think about how blessed I am to have them. I look around the table at each of their faces and feel so content and warm. Love those boys!

On another note, I am going to be hosting another giveaway within the next week or so. Stay tuned and tell your friends!

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  1. I can't express how truly happy I am for you to have your family together again!

    (pssst...and how jealous I am that you were in Disneyland :)