Stationery or Stationary??

Seems there is quite a bit of uncertainty regarding how to spell one of the most basic terms on my site, stationery…or is it stationary? I’ve done some research, because, I must admit, I was a little clueless in the early stages of my business. In fact, my original website was www.thestationaryboutique.com (which will still take you to www.thestationeryboutique.com if you type it in). Evidence suggests that when people are searching for printed paper products online such as birthday party invitations, birth announcements, holiday cards, or any personalized stationery they are frequently using “stationary” as part of their search term. Technically, the true meaning of "stationary" is to stand still or to not move. It says so in any dictionary, go ahead, check. I'll wait...

This obviously creates quite an issue for us stationery folk because we’re in the camp that believes we sell stationEry (now that I have been educated). However, many use the “alternate” spelling to find cards. Is there a way to alert the entire English speaking population of the correct spelling of the word that describes paper goods?

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  1. Hi there, Jen.
    I was one of the "-ary" culprits and was informed by a local boutique that if I want to make it big in the business :) it would help to spell it correctly...hence the now "-ery".
    I was mortified! But the owner chuckled and is still carrying my stuff.