The Winter Birch Wedding Suite {Complete!}

These babies are done!

Remember the customer I had a while back who wanted a birch tree themed Save the Date Card? She also wanted her wedding suite to be customized with the same idea. Well here it is.

We went with the same colors, a couple different shades of blues and grays. We changed the fonts to make for a more formal appearance. Overall, I'm very happy with how they turned out. One hundred and twenty invitations, response cards, and accomodation cards. Both the return address and recipient addresses were printed on the the envelopes. {And, let me just say I wasted a good handful of 3.5 x 5" envelopes. Remember the ink smudge incident I tweeted about?}

They shipped out today. I wish I could have hand delivered them. I'm a little nervous about them getting lost in the mail. I put a TON of time into these and I would just cry if anything happened to them! I guess we'll find out in a few days.

More pictures here. Thanks for looking!