A Valuable Lesson

Customer service counts the most! You all remember The Wedding Invites, right? This was my very first wedding order so I was very excited. I lovingly hand stamped each and every invitation, RSVP post card, and envelope. I carefully packaged them up for their trip across the country and shipped them off via USPS just like I do all my packages. I use Priority Mail for all of my shipments so I was expecting the package to arrive at my customers door in 2 - 3 business days.

Three days had gone by and she still had not received the package. I wasn't too worried. Maybe it'll just take an extra day since we are on opposite coasts. Fourth day, nothing. Fifth day, nothing. Now I'm starting to panic, she's starting to panic and we have no idea where the invites are. I didn't purchase tracking because I had never had a problem with a lost package before. But, of course, my most important sale to date was the one to get lost. What am I going to do? In this situation, there is no question. I knew I had to make it right for the customer no matter the cost. I was ready to start the stamping process again, as this wonderful customer was willing to wait.

On Friday, almost a week after the package was supposed to arrive, my customer called me to tell me that her post office had it waiting for her to pick up. Apparently it was too big to leave at her door, yet they couldn't leave her a note to let her know!?!? We were both extremely relieved. Now, had I purchased tracking for the package I may have saved us both some worry.

Note to self: Next time purchase tracking, or go through UPS (tracking is included)!


  1. So THAT's what happened...good advice!
    I had a similar situation but it was only one day late. They were custom birth announcements that the customer wanted to arrive a week before the Baptism so they could mail them out first before the Baptismal Invites. It was cutting it close but they made it there in time. Phew!

    AND I LOVE those sweet training wheel note cards...if you'd like to add them to my shop, you're more than welcome...I think they might do well!

  2. Jaimee,
    I would LOVE to add them to your shop. Thank you!

  3. Jen, the invitations were truly worth the wait! We absolutely loved them. The attention to detail was amazing.

    USPS: not such a big fan. Now *I* know to get a tracking number for anything this important! :-)

    Thanks again, I'll be recommending your work to friends.

    the bride