Go Team!

The other day I was crusin around on Etsy when I had some spare time on my hands, checking out more ways to become involved and what not. I was browsing the Community section of the site and decided to learn more about the Teams of Etsy. I'm sorry to say I didn't know about the teams until now. The teams form with shared interest in craft, a shared location, or other interests. It is organized by Etsy members for Etsy members to network, support and promote their crafty talents. What a great way to support the Handmade way to buy...in a team. To quote a song from one of my boys' favorite Nick Jr. shows...

"What's gonna work? Team work. What's gonna work? Team work!"

So I decided to check this out and try to become involve in one of these teams. There were tons to choose from. I came across EtsyPaper: The Street Team for Paper Lovers. Team member shops include everything from handmade paper, stationery, scrapbooking and even calligraphy. As of now, I am an "aspiring" member. Full on membership is based on participation and contribution to the team over a three month period.

This team is set up much like many of the other social networking sites. It's kinda like Facebook for paper lovers. You can upload pictures of your work, participate in forums, write a blog.

Do any of you belong to an Etsy Team? If so, how would you rate your experience?

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  1. I've joined a couple but participate mostly with POE (Photographers of Etsy). They've really helped me get some great exposure and opened up some new opportunities for my work. I'll have to check out EtsyPaper...but I might remain an "aspiring" member with the lack of spare time I've had lately. Let me know how you like it :)