Shop Update

Man, I've really been neglecting my little blog here. I really have been busy, though. Honest. There was a bit of a dry spell in June {did anyone else feel that, or just me?} but July has almost made up for that already. By the way, where has the year gone?

Here's a little of what I've been up to...

1. Personalized Bicycle w/ Training Wheels Note Cards, Set of 16

2. Personalized Victorian Bloom Note Cards, Set of 16

3. Personalized Dandelion Note Cards, Set of 16

4. Dandelion Calling Cards, Set of 20. I turned these into place cards for a customer's wedding, in chocolate brown. Very pretty.

5. Little Birdie Calling Cards for Mom, Set of 20. I had one customer order these to represent her company, Three Birds Concierge. Cute idea.

6. Aqua Dandelion Note Cards, Set of 10

7. Peony Shower Invites, Set of 10

8. Vine Shower Invites, Set of 10. I made four sets of these for my cousin who is throwing a bridal shower for her friend.

9. Blossom Shower Invites, Set of 10. My aunt ordered three sets of these for my cousins upcoming baby shower. Congrats Vicki!

10. Bunches of Thanks Note Cards, Set of 16

11. Blossom Noir Wedding Suite. I really love these. I've a few orders for these in the past couple of weeks.

12. Blosson Noir Note Cards, Set of 16

I'm really going to try to start blogging more often. I've been trying to come up with some really interesting things to post as a weekly thing. Stay tuned...


  1. Wow! You certainly have been busy...wish I could say the same. I'm in reverse - I was beyond busy in June and was hoping it was the start to an amazing summer of sales but July has run dry! (Which turns out to work well with our vacation plans so I shouldn't complain) Congrats to you!!!

  2. Thank you Jaimee. I hope you're having a great time on your vacation. I miss you on Twitter!!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your posts, Jen! :)