City Skyline Wedding Suite

I just wanted to post a quick photo of the wedding suite I've been working on.  The bride wanted to incorporate the two cities from which she and her fiance are from (Chicago and London) and the city where they now live (New York City). We ultimately came up with this...

We did a city skyline combining all three of the cities and their major landmarks and buildings. We used a black, gray and aubergine color scheme. I hand cut (with the help of my husband) the envelope liners and bands using aubergine paper. The inner envelopes were printed with the recipient first names, while the outer envelopes were printed with the recipient and return address.

Here they are, ready to go...

This was definitely a challenging, but fun project! Next is seating cards and seating chart :)


  1. That would be a great concept.Nowadays it's difficult to have unique ideas that you will use unless you have suggestion to which they elaborate and make more attractive.

  2. I like the cityscape idea for party invitations, just not sure that it works for a wedding. Different skylines for different cities and parties is a wonderful idea though. I can see a great stationery as well.